About Braintastic Tutoring


Braintastic Tutoring is a specialized learning experience where kids improve their math and science skills. Through creative exercises and engaging learning, our mission is to build confidence and establish a strong foundation in math, science and language skills. We are a dedicated team of tutors who turn "when am I going to need this?" into "I can use this!" and "when am I not going to need it?".

A student may attend up to four one hour sessions a week at our bright, open concept learning center. Our goal is to enhance a students skills, understanding or concepts and overall school performance. At the same time, we build confidence, yielding fantastic results.

We firmly believe that math is fun and not a chore. As students become more comfortable with math they move closer to achieving their individual goals.

What distinguishes the Braintastic Tutoring method?

  • Comprehensive assessment (math): students take a diagnostic test, which is used to create a learning plan to meet each child's individual needs.
  • Customized for each child: highly trained tutors, personal attention, and periodic discussions to keep parents up to date on their child's progress.
  • Results: progress is measured by improving grades in school, advancement in our program, and most importantly, a growing love of math and science!

"It has been a couple of months now since our daughter has been in the enthusiastic and capable hands of Ila. These once a week, one on one, sessions have proved to be the catalyst in raising our daughter's math test marks from  “D's” to “A's” and “B's”. It's amazing how a dedicated weekly one hour of help from an excellent tutor can make such a difference in the confidence and abilities of a middle school student, especially, when this student has endured years of being told by teachers/educators that she should be checked for a learning disability. To say the least, we are grateful that we found Braintastic."

Darin and Carolynn

Tutoring is available in French and English!