Parent and Student Testimonials

See what parents and students have been saying about Braintastic Tutoring !

"I have just finished my final math assessment and have officially finished grade 11 math! I just wanted to thank you and <Braintastic tutor> so much for working around my crazy schedule these past few months to get this all done."  - M (student)


B. (parent): "Braintastic Tutoring helped my son feel more confident and understand new concepts in math class!"

B. (student): "Thanks to Braintastic, I got accepted into the Cognitive Science program at Carleton University!"

M. (student): "I always learn new things at Braintastic!"

N. (student): "Braintastic has fun activities that help me learn!"

"Braintastic Tutoring helped our daughter gain confidence and pride in her work! We appreciate everything you've done for us!"

"Braintastic Tutoring helped me gain confidence in dealing with math questions! I will definitely be recommending your services!"

"About a year ago we were concerned about Emma's struggles in reading and writing. She did not enjoy working on her school assignments and it affected her willingness to even attend school. We found out about a place called Braintastic Tutoring, which is conveniently located in the Barrhaven area. Braintastic worked with us to create a schedule that worked around our schedule and Emma's academic needs. We received a personalized lesson plan and a resource binder filled with helpful assignments suited to Emma's academic needs. After a little while Emma started showing progress and started enjoying herself at school. Now she enjoys reading and writing every chance she gets! I would absolutely recommend Braintastic Tutoring to any parent looking to help their child improve their reading and writing abilities."

"Braintastic is a very well run tutoring centre. When I went to Braintastic for assistance with my studies, they were quick and ready to assist. Braintastic went out of their way to not only ensure I understood what I had to learn, but also to encourage and motivate me through it. I would highly recommend Braintastic to anyone who feels they need to see a tutor"


"Both our children were tutored in math at Braintastic Tutoring for several years. Both were different students with different needs. The management team at Braintastic works tirelessly to ensure that tutor and student connect and that the student gets the most out of their learning experience. For our son, he was an average math student –capable but not able to bring his marks to the next level. By participating in the “After School Help Program,” it ensured math homework got done and that questions were answered and not ignored.  The reinforcement of key math principles and the ability of tutors to ensure students really get the question, is what helped him boost his grades to an A. He is currently in second year Commerce, at Carleton University and doing well in his math courses. In contrast, our daughter struggled in math and her fall back was always “I’m just dumb in math”. Through grades 9-11 with the help of fantastic tutors in the “Private Tutoring Program”, she has regained her confidence and ability in math. One on one tutoring was the perfect solution for her – tutors could see exactly where she needed help and they never let her give up! AJ and team recognize that students and how they learn is unique. The different types of programs and the different tutors ensure that students get what they need out of their educational support. I would highly recommend Braintastic Tutoring"