Hi, I am AJ the Director of Braintastic.

Please watch a special video message from our director! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhAHEZ6SiLE

After spending several successful years here with the previous management, I jumped at the chance to be their "succession plan." I love this work and the challenges I watch the students overcome with the assistance of our bright and able communicators, the tutors.

The students are able to identify their areas of difficulty, and with the continuity of our tailored program, we are able to build their confidence as they master and keep up with challenging curriculum.

I take this role very seriously. I manage 240 scientists and 70 economists at Safe Environments Branch in Health Canada as Director General. I believe these students are our future and that future is complex and reliant on basic mastery of math and science. We support all to aim for the best they can be in these subject areas.

We can help those who want to pursue science and math as their preferred career goal, as our tutors are extremely talented.

I have a BA (Economics) (Queens '82), and MBA Concordia '91. I teach public policy at Dalhousie MPAM program. I am committed to knowledge transfer and that means two ways! These students and their desire to learn is what keeps me motivated to run this centre.

I am more than happy to meet personally with you throughout your experience with us, or I am but a call or email away. We consider feedback to the parents an important component of the tutoring undertaking. Any-up to-date information from parents' observations or the school is incorporated to improve outcomes.

Let me know if I can help your student to master and enjoy math and science topics. My engaging team makes their goals possible.